Tony D. Thelen

Chief Product Officer at John Deere Financial

Tony D. Thelen is a lifelong learner whose career has spanned roles in manufacturing, sales, marketing, technology, strategy, and finance. Tony is a lifetime member of Trout Unlimited and currently writes from his home in West Okoboji, Iowa.

Tony Thelen

Hello! I am currently the Chief Product Officer of John Deere Financial. My role involves leading an agile transformation with over 65 agile teams in India, Brazil, Luxembourg, and the US.

"When I started engaging leaders, the response I received was simply overwhelming. People shared the most impactful events of their lives. They shared who gave them their greatest advice about moments of truth in their careers. They revealed what truly mattered in their careers… I discovered people really wanted to tell their stories. This book contains those stories and the accumulated wisdom from over a thousand people from around the world!”
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