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Reading, reflecting and learning!

Published on
September 5, 2022
Matthew C. Mitchell PhD
Professor & Consultant: Strategy and International Business
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Am I Doing This Right? – What’s Your Story?

Sample Student Reflection: First-Year Student at Drake University

The following text is just a sample of the many student reflections written in the Fall of 2022 by first-year students at Drake University. We use Am I Doing This Right? as our textbook in the first course they take in the College of Business (BUS 001) that introduces students to what it means to be part of the honorable business profession.
This student really engaged with the content in an authentic, vulnerable and meaningful essay that just blew us away!

My main takeaways from this chapter are the personal stories that different business professionals have about self-image. I think my biggest step backs for everything, is my self-image and worth. I choose not to take different opportunities because “What if I’m not good enough?”.  I’m always comparing myself to other people and I’m scared of disappointing loved ones. My whole self-image has been based off how other people viewed me. What really stuck with me was what Haley Stomp said, “I would have found my voice sooner and been more the hero of my own story.” I absolutely love this take and I will be taking it with me for the rest of my life. I want to be able to tell stories of MY accomplishments and how I was brave and confident enough to take and run with any opportunity life threw at me.

I really enjoyed the story the black woman told about feeling like an imposter. I can’t fully relate to how she felt being the only black woman, but I can relate to being the only woman in the room. It can be hard being the only woman in certain fields because we see the male dominance and I personally feel all my confidence go down the drain. I know some women decide their self-worth based off what men say about them or what men want. It can be difficult for us to have the confidence to say our feelings, opinions, beliefs, and say how we want things done. We feel the masculinity and it can drown out our voices to the point we aren’t heard. I really enjoyed the different personal stories because I can either relate or it’s wisdom I needed to hear.

Based off what I read, one of my goals I am going to set for myself is to be less worried about how I compare to other people and just do the best I can do. We all have different skills and just because someone else is good at something, doesn’t mean I am not also skilled as well. My self-image and worth, like I previously mentioned, is how other’s see me. If someone gets applauded for doing something good, then I immediately lose all confidence and believe I’m not good enough. I realize this takes away my ability to grow as a human and I know now, thanks to, Shawn A. Noble, that confidence is within me, and it is my duty to protect and control it.

I really enjoyed this chapter, and I learned a lot about myself as a human and as a student. I did a lot of self-reflection while I was reading, and it opened my eyes to others who feel and think the same way. I will continue to work on my ability to control my self-image so I can flourish!

Sometimes, I'm comforted to know that our future lies in the hands of these thoughtful students. Kids these days!

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